Sunday Snapshot

I'm trying something new this week - kind of a "week in review" sort of post, but more like a snapshot of what I've been into throughout the week, or lately, or even just today.

1. These Smoky Grilled Chicken Pitas by How Sweet Eats are kind of the bomb dot com. I. Am. Obsessed. They combine every. single. one. of my cravings. Briny. Smoky. Chicken. Delicious. I think I've eaten these four times this week and I'm sad that my leftovers are all gone!


2. Taste of Belgium chicken and waffle? Also amazing. This meal was courtesy the Taste of Belgium stand at the ballpark. Sweet, savory, spicy, salty. Noticing a theme?

3. My latest book pick has been Notes from a Blue Bike by Tsh Oxenrider. I like the discussions of living mindfully, and she has quite the way with words.

4. I've been hardcore into grapefruit and cran-raspberry La Croix sparkling water lately. I've wanted flavored fizzy stuff, and well, my weird pregnancy aversion has been sweetened sodas. Enter La Croix (and OK, OK, Limonata Pellegrino). It's not sweet, but it hits that nice, fizzy flavored spot. And keeps my hydrated to boot!

5. Also? If you're not watching "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver," you totally need to be. He's hilarious and his stories are truly thought-provoking - being a little more longer-form than what you might expect from satire news. 

That's my summary there. I think this coming week may be the week of trashy movies and lots of leftovers!

Life Lately, August Edition

Y'all. Life is weird. And it seems like I do a lot of blogging from my yard this summer. But it's too gorgeous not to!

But life, lately, that's what this post is about, right? Well, for starters, I was in a wedding on Saturday. My best friend's wedding, in fact. And it was a blast. A busy day that started with bridal party coffees and ended with post-reception tacos.

Bridal Party Starbucks

The bride was gorgeous. The groom was radiant. And? We. Got. Down. So much so in fact that Monday I called my OB's office to ask why it felt like I had a water balloon instead of a uterus.

Yeah. That totally did happen. 

We were also able to reconnect with some friends from college. Friends who, without us knowing them? We might not be married because we probably wouldn't have met. How is that for serendipity? We spent a solid afternoon out with them exploring downtown, enjoying tater tots at Lachey's, and buying a fun shark clock for the nursery. 

Smale Park Carousel Horse

In addition to that there's been a lot of cat snuggling. A lot of reading. And enjoying some of the lovely weather we're due to have this weekend. I finally broke down and bought some maternity shorts (more on that later), because I'm short enough that well, I literally went from able to zip into a slim-fit taffeta gown on Saturday to popping by Monday.

And I never truly understood what ladies meant when they said they popped overnight, but that totally did happen, and now I feel like I can't get enough of the elastic waisted clothing. I'll be doing a "what I'm wearing" post eventually, because I'm still able to mix and match a lot, but I am starting to favor maternity tops. With those I at least look pregnant and not just like I ate too many burritos.

I've also developed quite the obsession with figs lately. They're delicious. But impossible to find. BUT. I had an exceptionally long drive home from work on Wednesday night and necessity led to a stop at Whole Foods. Where I totally bought some Mission Figs. And I cannot WAIT to roast them with some prosciutto and honey and devour them atop some whipped ricotta. Cannot. Wait.

Figs in a Basket

But really, that's been the basics of life lately. At least for now. It's been pretty simple round these parts, which makes me happy. Simple, sweet, and fun. I'm still figuring out where my belly is in space, which sounds odd, but it did pop up overnight! And I am eagerly looking forward to what is going to be a jam-packed but fun weekend.

I'll be back soon with some early pregnancy favorites of mine! Have a great night!

Rambling about Pregnancy

So I'm 15 weeks pregnant. Due in early February. And yeah, I am totally stoked. I know I may have a couple friends who may think that it's odd that I went from "I don't know if I want kids" to "pregnant" in less than a year, but that is what happened, and I really couldn't be more excited. 


I have been excited basically since we got somewhat of a surprise when I got an instant positive pregnancy test the week of our wedding anniversary. I say somewhat because up until that moment, we really didn't think I was pregnant, for multiple reasons.

But I am pregnant, and we are going to have a baby, and up until a few weeks ago I was cautiously excited. Cautiously because anything can happen in the first trimester, and I didn't want to be too excited only to have my hopes dashed.

Which sounds silly to type out, but there you go. But. BUT! Four weeks ago we got to hear our baby's heartbeat, which erased pretty much all of my fears. Then we got to see our baby, because in an odd turn of events, there was a brief (ahem four hour ahem) period where we thought I may be carrying twins. But this is a singleton pregnancy. And well? Doubts? Erased. Love? All there.

To say the eight weeks between finding out we're going to have a baby and hearing our baby for the first time was a picnic might actually make me gag. Not because it wasn't a thrilling, exciting, scary time, but because I was nauseated all. the. time. Like, the things they tell you about eating first thing in the morning to stave off nausea? I would eat and then feel sick the rest of the day. It. Was. Bad. 

I mean, we ate pizza NINE TIMES from week six until nine, when suddenly the idea of pizza was repulsive. Guys, food aversions? Weirdest thing ever. I haven't had many, but the ones I've had? Weird.

The food aversions are almost never the same two weeks in a row. Which, in some ways is good. In others? Frustrating. I'll go a week where all I want to eat with my lunch is Cheetos and strawberries, but the minute I stock up on those foods? The next week they'll make me gag. The two weeks where yogurt was Too Much was not fun. I rely on yogurt. It's one of my favorite foods.

But that's getting better, for the most part. Something I'm extremely grateful for. As I get more and more of a bump I'm getting less and less nausea. I still have some food aversions, but they're so varied they're really not worth mentioning (okay, cottage cheese? no. Ricotta? AMAZING).

Cravings on the other hand? All over the place. My hormones DO NOT LIKE SWEET. But savory? Bring it on. Sharp cheddar? I want it all. The only sweet thing I've really craved is lemon popsicles, and I totally cried in the supermarket when I couldn't find them, because in that moment they were all I wanted. 

Yep. Pregnancy is weird. But I'm loving it for the most part. There is so much about it that is amazing - I'm building a human! From scratch! One that has arms and legs and is getting bigger every day! That I can't help but look ahead in my pregnancy app to see what this baby is doing this week while I go about my day (and night). 

Now, I can't feel the baby yet. I also can't button half of my pants. And while I don't intend this blog to become all about motherhood, baby, and pregnancy, I would like to go more toward family lifestyle blogging. So keep an eye out for pregnancy favorites (so far, which is not your standard favorites post), and what I've been wearing. 

But this mama? Needs some sleep! Back soon with more, my friends!

Throwing a Party: Decor

I have owed you this post for a while. And I know it's been nearly three months since I last blogged. I have good reason for that - which I'll be sharing next week. Cross my heart. Right now I'm in my backyard by a citronella candle trying not to be eaten alive by mosquitos. 

But- when I last left off my throwing a party series, I was on the "decorating for the party" portion of the program.


Now, if I'm being totally honest, I don't do a lot of decorating for the holidays, or really any other big event. I say I will, but then I don't, and I get caught in a cycle of wanting to.

But decorating for parties is fun - and there are so many ideas on Pinterest! So, when I want to decorate for a party, I start with Pinterest, first. Mostly just to get an idea of the mood I'm trying to get when I have friends over for a get-together.

For a baby shower, I might decorate with a diaper cake and a clothesline of white onesies, ready to be painted for the little one on the way. Add some assorted colored tissue paper flowers - or just some crepe paper, and you have a light-hearted, welcoming shower atmosphere!

For autumn, I like what a friend of mine does - she places popcorn kernels into her candle hurricanes, which feels like it brings the cornfield indoors. It adds to the autumn mood every time you step into her home, which is a definite bonus.


In other situations, you may even want to let the food be part of (or all of) the decor. Opening Day for baseball? Hot dogs, Cracker Jack, and some baseball paraphernalia you already have may be all you need. Football? A big table of snacks and some jerseys or pictures from your collection!

And, for the backyard bash? I am a fan of garden lighting, lots of space to stand and chat, and a cooler full of drinks.

Mostly, what I'm looking for when I decorate my home for a party, is to use what I already have. For baby showers I'll be buying things to decorate, but for an autumn get-together or backyard bash? I'll be looking at what I have in my basement to dig up right now to get the house looking and feeling festive.