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Three Weeks Without a Stove

When our stove died in January, we assumed that we would be without a stove for a few days. When we were told that a technician couldn't make it out to see us for almost a week, we realized that we may be without a stove for a little longer than planned. What we didn't expect was to be stoveless for three weeks.

In those three weeks without a stove, we relied heavily on our Crock Pot, grill, toaster oven, and microwave. I was worried that the amount of time we would spend without a working stove would mean lots of roast in the slow cooker - along with lots of leftover roast for meals the days after. Not surprisingly, that wasn't the case: I Googled and discovered the Crock Pot 365 blog, which gave me an amazing recipe for slow-cooker carnitas - which was delicious. All Recipes gave me a good recipe for potato soup in our crock pot, which was nice to have ready and waiting after a chilly late-morning run.


Additionally, we relied on our microwave quite heavily - reheating leftovers, and even buying premade and prepackaged dinners from the refrigerated section of our grocery store. The Boy spent about eight days out of town while our stove was down for the count, and on the nights he was gone I enjoyed leftovers, soups, and even dinner out with friends, none of which necessitated a working range.

The only places where we ran into any sort of issues were the question of birthday cake and homemade sweet tea. Sweet tea is a staple in our house, and it's rare that I don't have a pitcher full in the fridge, so we definitely noticed a lack of it at the dinner table, and throughout the weekends. Fortunately, that was an easy fix: we bought a large bottle of Gold Peak sweet tea at the grocery store.

Birthday cake was another story, as I really enjoy baking. This year, I wasn't hosting any friends, so I felt funny asking them to fix me something. Erica offered me the use of her stove to bake a cake if I wanted to, but due to some time constraints, I wasn't able to make it over. After some deliberation (and several jokes about buying an Easy-Bake oven), I decided to just buy a cake at the Kroger bakery. Thinking back on it, I am glad that is what I did. The cake I chose is one of our favorites, and did not disappoint. With a hefty scoop of ice cream, it was the perfect birthday dessert (and lunch!).

All in all, I feel like we did pretty well without our stove. I found several new-to-me slow-cooker recipes that I cannot wait to repeat, and mastered the art of baking rolls and biscuits in the toaster oven. While I definitely would not want a repeat (seriously - the night the stove died was scary), I'm glad to know that if I had to live without my range, that it could be done - without making too many adjustments to our day-to-day meals. We added new dishes to our rotation, and while we aren't eager to bust out our slow cooker this week, we will definitely be using it more in the future.

What are some of your favorite no-stove-needed recipes?


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