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Half Marathon Training: An Update

So, as my half marathon training plan had to be modified, I stopped – or rather, put on hold – my half marathon training vlogs. Running lower mileage than my plan indicated has made for some relatively uninteresting weeks of training. However, since it has been a few weeks since my last update, I thought I would share how my preparation has been coming along – especially since the race is just a few short weeks away.

Recently, I’ve taken to running between three and four days per week. I am running high-mileage weeks, just not up into the thirty-miles per week that I thought I would be when I first embarked on my half marathon training. Rather, I’m running closer to the low- to mid-twenties when totaling up my mileage.

This week, I am supposed to go on my longest run – 12 miles. This week happens to be the busiest week of my training, too. We’re having friends over, I have an eye appointment so I can get some new glasses, two of my bridesmaids and I are going to look at bridesmaid dresses (and accessories), and well, it’s shaping up to be busy, and I may have to squeeze my 12-miler in around my other activities. I know I can do it – I just need to keep putting forth the effort.

Additionally, I’ve been having some minor struggles with my allergies and asthma in the past few weeks where running is concerned. There has been more than one day where allergies made it necessary to push a run back a day. I know come race day, allergies or not, I have to run, but for training, at least for those few runs, it was better to stay in and move my run back a day.

All in all, I feel prepared for the race ahead. Regardless of what comes my way in the coming weeks, I AM going to run the half marathon, and I plan to enjoy every moment that I can that day. Training has not always been sunshine and rainbows, and has, in fact, been a learning experience for me in being flexible with my exercise, pushing myself to my limits, and dedication in the face of 20-degree mornings. I can’t wait to run my race.


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