Work It Out

I am jumping on a bandwagon of sorts to share what my workouts were last week, and a loose idea of what is happening this week in terms of working out. We are just over eleven weeks out from our wedding, and about ten weeks out from the relay. Not only are things getting a bit hectic up in here with plans, but we're also budgeting a lot of time for working out, running, and generally staying in shape in the coming weeks. 

Last week I was sick with a cold that kicked. My. Butt. I was tired and couldn't blow my nose enough. My early week was shot in terms of workouts becaue I couldn't muster up enough energy to get off the sofa and go do anything, so on my butt I sat, for a good three days. It being the first week of relay training was a kick in the pants, and by Thursday I was back out running. 

I am honestly thrilled to say that I was able to get in two runs and one trip to the gym for some cross-training last week, and this week I hope to get into the swing of our training plan. Our plan includes strength-training, cross-training, and stretching in addition to the running, and I'm excited to see how my fitness levels change in the coming weeks leading up to the race.

Yesterday, in anticipation of all of the stretching exercises we'll be doing, I bought a yoga mat. My first mat in ten years. I also downloaded a few podcasts from and checked out a few books from the library. I've been doing yoga off and on for a few years now, but have decided to commit to it as a form of stretching to keep limber through all of the other training I do. I'm looking forward to my first yoga session this evening.

What workouts are you getting into this week?