Let's Review: Tegan and Sara's Heartthrob

I first discovered Tegan and Sara sitting in my dorm room one day, flipping through various recommendations on an early version of iTunes. It was Spring Quarter, gray and misty, and my room smelled like new growth and rain. The first song I heard from them was called "Where does the Good Go?" and from that song on, I was hooked on this band made up of identical twin sisters from Canada. Their music has never failed to move me, and at a concert a few years ago, I was thrilled with how they interacted with their audience, making jokes and discussing their life, even performing "I know I know I know" with the aid of cue cards provided by a fan member, to much laughter from the crowd.

All of this and even more is why I was beyond excited when they announced the release of their latest album, "Heartthrob" at the end of last year, and was all to eager to snatch it up as soon as it was released. For various reasons, I was unable to get a copy until very recently, but had the video for their first radio single from the album, "Closer" playing on my YouTube channel at every opportunity. I loved (and still love) how catchy the song was and is, and was truly excited to hear how the rest of the album shaped up.

So, finally, I bought a copy of Heartthrob, downloaded it to my iPod, and started listening, and after giving it a couple listens, was not disappointed at all. The whole album is catchy and pop-like, but not saccharine, but is a bit of a change from the previous album from the twins, “The Con.” Even though it is a bit different from what I’ve been listening to them from before, Tegan and Sara are still writing strong music discussing relationship and real-life issues and the whole album is a good mix of upbeat pop and slower pop songs that discuss everything from falling in love, to heartache, to being a role model.

Each song on the album has a place, and lately, as you can probably see by the screenshot from my iPod above, I’ve been loving the song “Goodbye, Goodbye.” As I have repeatedly listened to the album, I’ve heard bits and pieces of past Tegan and Sara albums in the sound, from So Jealous to The Con and all that came before. In it I can hear what has come from songs like “I Know I know I know” and “Burn Your Life Down,” but with a new twist that fits their image in a fabulous way.

If you like upbeat music about love, heartache, and other life issues, this album will definitely fit into your collection. It’s perfect for listening to while driving around town, hanging out around the house, or for my favorite pastime: dance parties in the living room.

Edit: I got a text letting me know I missed a Tegan and Sara album in here - after their album The Con, came Sainthood. This is a correction to let you know that I made an oops!