Weekend Recap: April 5-7, 2013

This weekend was a whirlwind of one and I am still recovering from how busy we were and have been! We took a long weekend to go home to wrap up a LOT of wedding planning details! In the midst of all of the craziness, we got to bring the cat home from the vet, and because he is caught in an e-collar for another week, decided that instead of boarding him, we would take him with us. He slept the majority of the trip home and back, which was surprising! Normally he hates the car, but he didn't seem to mind once we got out on the road.

Friday was a crazy busy wedding-planning-filled day. I ended up having my hair trial and last dress fitting back-to-back. Everything worked out great! I had a blast at my hair trial while The Boy sat and watched Dorian. After showing the stylist my inspiration pictures, which included some from Anne's wedding hair-do, she got to work creating something full of braids and twists. We plan to incorporate my something borrowed, which is a strand of my grandmother's pearls, and my gorgeous hairpiece in when I go the morning of the wedding. I loved how the hair style turned out and cannot wait to dance the night away on our wedding day!

Straight away after the hair trial, it was time for my dress fitting. Fortunately the salon and the dress shop are walking distance from one another! I was so excited to see how my dress fit after having all of the alterations done. I had some staves trimmed, cups sewn in, a bustle added, and had the dress hemmed. The hemming took off so much fabric! My height means that even with my 4.25 inch-high heels the dress was still about 4 inches too long! I was eager to see how the dress fit in length and was thrilled when everything fit perfectly! The alterations were done amazingly well - you can't even tell that it was altered at all! I love knowing that everything is all set for my dress and cannot wait to share it with all of you!

Of course, our primary reason for going home Friday and taking a long weekend was because we needed to get a Very Important Document - one we couldn't get on a Saturday or Sunday. After making several phone calls and getting together all of the necessary information, we headed down to the courthouse to get our marriage license! The process for obtaining it was really simple, and after answering just a few questions and signing a couple documents, we had our license to marry in our hands! It was definitely an exciting feeling when we left with the paperwork at hand, ready to hand to our officiant the day of our wedding.

That being said, Friday was a fairly packed day. Once we had everything squared away, we spent the rest of our evening visiting with The Boy's parents, watching some TV, and catching up on some reading. We discussed what we needed to do Saturday before heading back to Cincinnati and what planning-related tasks would remain once we headed home. Fortunately, we have a lot of support both in our hometowns and Cincinnati, so everything is coming together very smoothly. 

Saturday was less packed, but not any less busy. We had to meet with the caterer to get our order started for food, I wanted to meet with our hotel to confirm a few things about the block of rooms we have set aside, and The Boy needed to go with his groomsmen so they could start the process of getting their slacks hemmed. With all of that taken care of, we started our journey back home, eager to see our other cats and to prepare for our low-key Sunday.

Sunday was the easiest day of our weekend - we had no plans beyond a six-mile run on our agenda. Knowing we would need to care for all of the cats and ensure that Dorian was doing well in his e-collar, we got up early, mapped our run out, fueled up, and headed out for a slow six miles. We've been working hard to maintain a slow speed for our long runs, to ensure that we can finish them without coming away exhausted. Last week we set out far too fast and wore ourselves out before we were halfway done. This week, we were determined not to make the same error. We averaged an 11:20 pace for our six-miler, but we finished strong. The Boy set a new PDR for the run, and is now really excited for his leg of the relay. 

The rest of our weekend was spent resting, catching up on some blogs and laundry, and playing with the cats. We caught up on a few TV shows we have been following through Netflix, and I started a new book: Queen Bees and Wannabes. Surprisingly one I haven't read. I'm excited to read the book that inspired the Mean Girls movie, and I'm eager to see what this week brings.

What did you get into this weekend?