So We Got Married

So we got married. It was more than I was anticipating in many ways, exactly what I wanted in most, and better than I could have imagined. As we stood beneath our huppah - lovingly constructed by my father, The Boy's stepfather, my grandfather and brothers - I felt like we were in a bubble of love and tradition. We repeated our vows and giggled as we both tried not to cry from the strong emotions surrounding the commitment we were vowing to, in front of a not-too-large group of our friends and family.

Our wedding, was, for us, perfect. We had a first look that made me grin and helped calm my nerves before the ceremony. Our food was delicious. Our self-dj'd wedding was overall successful, though as a group of introverts (and in retrospect) we should have had more slow dances in the mix. Throughout the evening we both felt surrounded by love and endlessly happy. From our officiant's surprise introduction talking about love and traditions, to the speeches given by our Maid of Honor and Best Man and beyond - it seemed to be a theme. That theme was continued by my father, who spoke about what it meant to him to be dancing with me on my wedding day as he went through a playlist of music all with their own memories of me growing up. All of this took place before he surprised me with the father-daughter dance to Rainbow Connection - sung by Kermit, of course. During that dance we asked everyone to take to the dance floor. Now, we look back and smile on that memory, especially when my father had my husband "cut in." Rainbow Connection was the most danced-to song on our wedding day. It was one of many moments where I felt surrounded by love and support for us as a couple.

The wedding and reception, like all good things, came to an end all too quickly. As our guests filtered out and we were left alone with a few relatives and our bridal party, we enjoyed one last dance together to end our evening. We grinned as we celebrated our accomplishment - not only had we achieved the wedding we wanted, we were married. In that moment even though we were still surrounded by loved ones, we were alone, in love, and encased in love. When I look back on the wedding day, that moment is one of many that stand out in my mind. It was a moment filled with love. The memory reminds me of just how much love we were held in on our wedding day, and will continue to be held in througout the days after. Our wedding day was filled with love. It felt like love. I wouldn't have it any other way.