Recapping the Weekend: June 15-16

We have been go-go-go since about a week or so before the wedding. Non-stop. This past weekend, we made an effort to slow down, take it all in, eat some cake, play magic, and enjoy the litter of kittens we are fostering (more on that soon, I hope). Last weekend was our first weekend at home since the wedding, and it was busy. We often get antsy when we try to do nothing, so we made a few plans for this past weekend weekend, but nothing major.

Our weekend involved a lot of napping, spending time outside reading, and processing some of the pictures from our honeymoon. I can't believe it's been nearly four weeks since the wedding and nearly three since our honeymoon. I still remember it all like it was yesterday. One of the benefits of our house is our backyard - which is paved and has a small brick patio area in the center. The weather was perfect for hanging out in the yard this weekend, and we spend upwards of two hours per day outside, soaking up the sun and just enjoying the peace and quiet that it allowed.

Of course, that wasn't all that we did. The house definitely needed some deep-cleaning, so with a little elbow grease we got the first floor cleaned and tidied up, and are going to work on the second floor progressively throughout the week. Once we get started it's pretty easy to keep going. We are "tidy as you go" folks, so deep cleaning typically just involves putting things back in their homes if we haven't already and rolling up and cleaning under the rugs in our living and dining rooms. As a result of a bottle of Tonic Water erupting in my hands as I tried to mix a Gin-and-Tonic on Friday, the kitchen was desperate for mopping, so that was accomplished too.

We took a break mid-day Sunday to hit up the gym for some cardio. It was fun to get into a work-out routine while we were planning the wedding and we want to get back into that now that things have calmed down. From the relay up until now, workouts have been sporadic; we have been going for lots of walks, and I have been to the gym a few times, but nothing routine or regular. It was nice to get back to it, and we hope to keep it up!

As a wrap-up for our weekend, we ended up digging out our Magic cards to semi-catalogue and sort out and learn what we have and what we can build (answer: we have many decks. We can build many more). Magic was something we played pretty regularly before buying the house and getting engaged, so now that we have a lot more free time, we hope to get back into playing regularly. It was fun to get back into some old routines and habits, and we're hoping that as the summer continues, we can play more Magic, watch more movies (and catch up on Game of Thrones), and just enjoy being married for a while.

Now, while we aren't totally caught up (there is a lot of mail to go through, and cabinets, and cleaning left to do), we are refreshed and ready for the week ahead. Our next few days will be spent catching up on what we didn't do this weekend, spending time together, playing with our cats as well as the foster litter, and just enjoying our evenings.

What did you get done this weekend? Relaxing? Cleaning? A workout.