On life happening and Working Out

Typically, after a long hiatus from any sort of regular workout routine, I put up a post about "getting back into it," along with goals I have for the months ahead. Through the whole wedding planning process, however, a lot happened. Routines were muddled. The Boy went on A LOT of business trips. We made plans to run a race. The Boy got an IT band injury, and my old IT injury flared up.

Needless to say - a lot happened. Life happened. I can honestly say that I only worked out about three times between the relay and the wedding. Part of this was due to the fact that The Boy was traveling the week prior to the wedding (though not wedding week) and I was busy wrapping things up at home so we would be ready. Part of it can be attributed to us leaving to prepare for the wedding the Thursday before the wedding. Most of it, though, is that there was so much going on that when given the choice between working out and sleeping, I chose sleep nearly every time.

Of course, this isn't the first time (nor will it be the last) that my routine has been thrown off. We've gone on vacation and taken time away from working out or eating as healthfully as we do at home. I think of vacation as an exception, though. While on vacation I am likely to want to try new things, visit breweries, taste the local cuisine, all while doing quite a bit of walking. Illnesses and other events intervene with our routine regularly, though we always like getting back into some sort of routine when the dust settles. 

The best examples I have of this, in addition to the wedding, would be when our cat needed to have surgery. For the ten days he had stitches and was in an e-collar, he needed a lot of supervision. He couldn't eat with the collar on, and because it obscured his peripheral vision, tended to walk right along the walls, making quite a bit of noise. Our sleep was not so great those ten days, and we chose to devote a good bit of time to him, all while training for the relay.

All that being said, I've realized over the past year that life happens. Rather than getting back into it, I am finding that I prefer to look at working out and healthy eating as an ebb-and-flow sort of thing. There are weeks I go without doing any sort of technical workout, but we go for hour-long walks after dinner. There are other weeks where I manage to get in five workouts. If I didn't stay flexible with my routines, habits, and expectations, I would probably drive myself a little crazy. 

Life happens. When it does I accept a little change to my routine. It's inevitable. What matters to me is making an effort - whether it be eating a lot of raw fruits and veggies in place of steamed or going for a walk after dinner, every little bit counts. Rather than be all or nothing, I'd rather be fluid and flexible and roll with the punches. I think rather than thinking of now as a time to be getting back to it - with it being regular workouts - I am going to look at how to make activity a part of my everyday, whether it's a walk on my lunch hour or after dinner, yoga, a run, or a trip to the gym. This way, life can happen, and I can satisfy my anxious need to move by doing something, all while handling what every day throws at me.

What about you - how do you handle it when life throws you a curveball? Do you have a regular workout routine?