Sometimes, life gets busy

Remember last week when I posted I had a cold that was kicking my butt? Yeah. It took me a solid ten days to kick that cold, which is why it's been silent around these parts. It took me until Sunday to start feeling better and until this Tuesday to actually feel like me again.

However, that doesn't mean that I've been doing nothing but feeling stuffy and headachey, no. I've started my Project Life album and defined its scope (first year of married life, including the wedding). I've figured out a few things about my young marriage but not-so-young relationship. I've kept up (sort of) with training to PR a 5k this weekend. And I've taken a lot of photos.

Of course, due to the limitations of iPhone posting, I'm going to leave this entry here. I will, however, be back tomorrow with some details about Project Life, details about life in general, and probably a few fun things about autumn.

What have you been up to?