As we get into fall and the temperatures continue to drop (seriously, it was in the mid-twenties last night. Where did this come from??), I'm reaching for more and more accessories to complete my outfits. I love to wear earrings and necklaces year-round and have a teeny collection of both, but in the fall? I love scarves.

Why scarves? Beyond the obvious cozy factor, they're a quick way to add color or texture to an otherwise plain or straightforward outfit. I have several scarves that vary from lightweight to heavy, along with the hand-knit scarf I pull out when I'll be spending a lot of time outside.

Scarves are also pretty versatile and can be paired with other accessories to complete a look (or to enhance it). One of my favorite pairings is a goldenrod scarf with my turquoise earrings. The warm yellow enhances the turquoise and even an outfit of jeans and a plain tee looks a bit more polished. For my wedding, I used a large fuzzy scarf as a wrap when the evening cooled down, and through Google, fashion blogs, and magazines, I've found new ways to twist and tie scarves, and suggestions for how to incorporate a scarf into an outfit without wearing it as a scarf, such as around the handle of a hand bag or in your hair.

Another accessory I'm currently wearing quite often would be earrings. I got my ears pierced when I was around five years old and have loved earrings ever since. There were a few years where I would wear them sporadically, but lately I've been wearing earrings almost daily. I have an affinity for drop or dangle earrings, but have a small collection of studs as well. My two favorite pairs are pictured above on my fuzzy scarf and they get quite a bit of wear. I love how I can be bohemian or professional, quirky or colorful, all by adding a pair of earrings to my outfit. Lately I've been browsing etsy in an attempt to find some new and fun earrings to add to my mix and collection.

As I've worked the past year on dressing more like an adult and refining my personal style, figuring out which accessories I enjoy the most has been so much of the fun. I'm not a style maven at all, but I do like how putting in just a few more minutes in the morning before work can add to my confidence throughout the day. Even days where I reach for my coziest pullover and leggings are fun as I cozy up on the sofa or at the coffee shop with a book and a latte or cup of cocoa. Working on my collection of clothes ensures that what I have is flattering, comfortable, fun, and cute, and I look forward to coming up with new outfits every day.