Out with the Old Verbs, in with the New

Going into 2013, I gave a thought to making some New Year's resolutions. Ultimately, I ended up doing what I did in 2012 and picked verbs instead. I wanted verbs in 2013 that would offer me focus and drive to succeed. My verbs in 2013 were create and grow. When I chose those verbs, I saw them as means to enable me to do my best within specific areas of my life. I wanted to create more and better blog content, create more as a photographer, and grow as a writer, photographer, and blogger. However, the universe is funny, and what I got out of my 2013 verbs was not at all what I was expecting.

Last year was a big year in many ways, and I knew going into 2013 that it would be busy, but I didn't realize just how busy. My accomplishments in 2013 are numerous: I ran a relay with my husband and two of my closest friends, ran my fastest-ever 7k, and then shattered my 5k personal best. I learned I am capable of running a 9:30 mile, something I never thought would be possible. Allen and I got married and ended up doing a lot of traveling - we went to San Diego and Pittsburgh together, and I went to Sacramento for my cousin's bar mitzvah. The year was not without hardships, as I lost my grandmother a week after my wedding. In short: it was a big year. 

During each event of 2013, big and small, I didn't stop to think about how they fit into my overall life goals for the year. When I discovered Project Life through Rachel I was intrigued with the concept of cultivating and creating a good life. I bought an album and started working my way through catching us up - starting on our wedding day, all while exploring various ways to cultivate and create a life worth sharing.

It wasn't until I was out for a run yesterday - my first run of the year - that I realized just how much my verbs in 2013 impacted my life - just not how I expected. Last year everything I did - from my wedding to my honeymoon, our trip to Pittsburgh and activities with friends - all contributed to how my verbs influenced my experience. Looking back, I see where I grew from many experiences, turning my idea of the verb "grow" on its ear just a bit. I intended to grow inwardly but also to grow my ideas, and did both and more. I learned more about myself last year than I anticipated, and I am still growing and changing. I grew as a friend, as a woman, a feminist, and a wife, and am interested to see how I continue to grow this year.

Surprisingly, I created a lot, too, though not the kind of creating I thought when I picked it as a verb. I definitely took a LOT of pictures. I worked on my Project Life album, creating page after page to document our life together and my life as a newlywed. I blogged, read, and posted numerous photographs on Instagram and Facebook. In short, I tried to put myself out there. What shocked me, looking back, was how much of last year was about creating a life I love with the man I love. 2013 was the year of creating a great life as much as it was about crafting, photography, and writing. We took more than a couple trips, did so much more than I anticipated, and really took joy in all that we did. It changed how we are looking at our plans for the new year in a big way, and we want to keep creating a life we both love.

That brings me to what I hope to accomplish in 2014. As in years past, I am not setting out with a specific New Year's Resolution in mind. I'm going with new verbs as we go into the oh-so-new year. In 2014 I hope for lots of glitter, sparkle, and shine, and I know that I need strong verbs to get that sparkle. Therefore, this year will be the year of Push and Do. Short words - short verbs - but powerful. Last year I worked hard to achieve many goals, and this year I want to make pushing myself to be better a priority. I want to push to be a better writer, blogger, and artist. I cannot push myself to be better without getting past a lot of fear and going out and getting things done. The verb DO was chosen because I need to push myself, but I also need to go out and DO.

I find that even when I push myself in my normal activities, I get in my own way in many ways by doubting myself and my abilities. In 2014, I want to move past that doubt and PUSH myself to get out there and DO things without fear. There is so much I want to accomplish in 2014 and I hope that my verbs will get me there, that I will push myself to be my best and to get better at what I do, and that I will go out and do what scares me. My verbs in 2013 surprised me. I hope my verbs this year will do the same. 

What are your New Year's resolutions? Did you pick verbs or set goals?