Weekending: Snow and Hockey

This past weekend was a long weekend for me, which was just about perfect. We had snow Thursday afternoon and into the evening, making for a frigid start to my time off. I didn't mind it (much), and it was fun to pull on some fluffy sweats and my shearling boots on Friday morning to go stomp around in the snow for a little while. I love how it crunches underfoot, and I'm already pretty impressed with just how much snow we've gotten this winter. 

Friday and Sunday ended up being fairly laid-back days. Saturday was pretty busy, and we ended up going out Saturday night for hockey and a late dinner. It was our first date night in a little while, with a pretty awesome hockey game downtown. The Cyclones scored the first goal of the game, which was followed by lots of stuffed animals being tossed onto the ice. I'm not sure if they do this every game, but they had hundreds of teddy bears tossed on the ice after the first Cyclones goal, all to be donated to the Cincinnati Police Department's outreach program. It was pretty awesome. We ended up leaving the rink after the second period, when the score was 5-2. I hadn't eaten yet and had a HUGE craving for cheese fries, so we made our way into the Banks downtown to get dinner at Johnny Rocket's.

It was a pretty fun evening and a great day. I loved getting cheese fries and burgers after the hockey game and just getting to enjoy the night with my husband. Sunday was fairly low-key and laid back. We stocked up on cleaning supplies and knocked out some much-needed housework, freeing up quite a bit of time the rest of the week to finish out "Trigun" (an anime series) on Netflix, do some Project Life, and get caught up on some blogging tasks I want to do this week as well.

All in all, it was a good and restful weekend, and while I'm not looking forward to the frigid temperatures starting out the week, I am looking forward to what this week will bring. 

How was your weekend?