Monday? Was cold. It was cold to the point that my friends and I were making jokes about obligatory Facebook statuses about cold weather. The frigid blast of air that hit the midwest meant that when I left for work in the morning, the temperature was 0 but felt far colder, and when I headed home Monday evening, the wind chill was -22. I've never felt cold like that before and it was, well, shocking.

Because our house is relatively old, we have mostly single-pane windows throughout the house. For weather protection, we have storm windows that we close in the winter (and when high wind is predicted, as it was just over a month ago). However, this didn't prevent some frost from forming on the inside of our window panes, which was just a bit jarring when I first realized we had frost inside the house. It made me feel a little like we were living in a "Little House" book, and all I was lacking was a thimble to draw in the ice. It didn't keep me from scratching in it with my fingernails, though!

Keeping warm in the frigid temperatures was a bit of a challenge, but doable. It involved a lot of layers, hats, scarves to cover my face, gloves with handwarmers, and my warmest coat - all of this was just to go to my car. Even then it was hard to completely avoid just how bitterly cold the wind was, and it took a little time for my glasses to defrost once I made it into my car and then back inside! 

Even though it was cold and I was bundled up to the max (even inside) the temperatures meant a lot of warm, homey and comforting foods. I took great enjoyment in some hot chicken noodle soup, coffee, and cocoa, among other things. Instead of working out, I opted to spend the evening in, catching up on some reading (right now I'm reading "The Interestings," I checked it out from the library last month and just recently got started with it - I'm loving it so far!), and bundling up under fluffy blankets while watching TV with my husband.

The cold weather will be mostly gone by the end of the week. At least, the polar blast will be gone. Today we're starting in single-digit temperatures but will end up at least in the teens by day's end. It is going to continue to warm up through the week, and while we are going to get (a little) more snow later in the week, we'll probably end up close to fifty by the weekend. It's definitely a midwest roller-coaster weather sort of week. I'm grateful for that, though - after one day of minus temperatures and negative-degree windchills, I'm in awe of folks who live through temperatures that cold regularly. I don't think I could do it, and I'm already eager for summer after just one day of super-cold temperatures. 

For now, I'm just going to enjoy the fuzzy slippers, hot cocoa, and warm blankets while I wait for the cold weather to finish passing through.