Weekending: Being Lazy

This weekend, I fell into the black hole that is OnDemand programming. We have been go-go-go for so long that I really wanted to take this weekend and plan to do, well, not much. We definitely planned to volunteer Sunday, but Saturday? All bets were off. It ended up being lazy AND glorious!

Saturday I ended up trying to catch up on "Girls" before the season premier on Sunday. While I didn't quite make it, I did get pretty far into season two before I needed a break. Before I settled in on the sofa for my little marathon TV watching session, I worked on my Project Life book for a little while, putting together a spread to recap the last few days of 2013 and the first bits of 2014.

I found the awesome glittery paper at Michael's and decided to use it as a background for the Hello Twenty-Fourteen card that I found as a free printable at cayleegrey.com. I ended up taking over our dining room table with paper, pictures, stickers and glue. At one point the table was covered in glitter, which made for some interesting clean-up once I finished my pages. It was a fun way to pass a few hours of time without stress, and I'm already picking out the pictures for my next spread.

This weekend I also had some fun getting a latte with lovely latte art that I could see through the lid of my coffee cup. It was delicious and a good way to warm up on a blustery Saturday afternoon!

The rest of our weekend was really spent doing more of the same - relaxing, catching up on some TV, starting our new workout routine (which I'll write about tomorrow), and volunteering at a local cat shelter. Looking back, it seems like we packed a lot into our weekend, but in reality we did a really good job keeping things low-key and relaxing.

The rest of this week looks to be similarly restful, albeit busy. I'm looking forward to what we have planned.

What did you get into over the weekend?