Tunes on Tuesday: Bastille

Music is a huge part of my and my husband's life together. We listen to it in the car almost all the time (sometimes I do switch it up with NPR, and I have a great love for This American Life). Early in our relationship we used music as a way to keep connected between weekends, sharing favorites, videos on YouTube and making mix CDs. On my iPhone I have multiple playlists, and we were even our own wedding DJs. 

Because there is so much music in my day-to-day life, I decided to make music a feature here on the blog. Every Tuesday, I'll feature a new artist or album I'm into. My tastes run the gamut so you may see a mix of artists and styles, though lately I've been pretty solidly into indie music. 

Kicking off this new feature? Bastille. The band hails from London, and their first album, Bad Blood was released in early 2013. My first experience with the band was the single Pompeii, released in February 2013. It was a free song on iTunes and Allen bought it after hearing the song played many times on one of our favorite XM stations. It's a catchy song and stood out from the crowd once they gained momentum and got more airplay.

Of course, Pompeii opened the door for us and before I knew it, Allen had bought the full album on iTunes, and it became a regular fixture of car trips or around the house. The whole album is solid - there's enough variation between the songs to keep it interesting, but the band definitely has a unique sound that sets them apart.

My favorite song from the album is Flaws. It's a strong song about, well, flaws - the flaws we all carry within us and how we deal with them. The album version is powerful but upbeat and I love it, however, I truly fell for the song after I found a string version the band recorded at Abbey Road studios. It highlights the power of the lyrics and really made the song stand out in my mind.  


If you like indie music and haven't already checked out this pretty awesome band, I highly recommend giving them a try. The songs are a combination of powerful, layered, and upbeat, which adds to the appeal. I'm sure in the future we will be hearing more from Bastille, and I cannot wait to listen to whatever they have coming next.