Tunes on Tuesday: The National

So, it's another Tuesday, and I'm sharing another one of my favorite bands. This one isn't so new - it's The National, a band formed in Cincinnati in 1999. Their sound is truly unique, and they fit well within the alternative or indie genre. 

My sister actually is the one who introduced me to the band, and I've been a fan ever since, even seeing them live last year when they came to the Bunbury festival. The music is perfect for getting ready to in the morning, listening to in the car, or just hanging out around the house. It can be a touch on the more subdued and melancholy side, but also can be bright and joyful. Their songs suit almost any of my moods, and I have their music on a regular rotation in my iPod. 

While not new, their song "England" is one of my favorites and I have it in more than one playlist on my phone. It is the song that made me into a fan of the band and made me want to hear more.