The Black Keys: Turn Blue

Yesterday, I talked about our trip to Chicago. Today, I'm talking about one of the albums we listened to during our road trip. "Turn Blue" from The Black Keys. We ended up having quite the conversation during our first listen through of the album:

Me: It's a bit more like... music you would jam to.

Him: It's good. It's very 70s.

Me: But with an edge.

And really, that's what "Turn Blue" is: music that sounds like something you dug out of your parents' vinyl collection, with a modern-day spin on it. It's undeniably The Black Keys, especially when you hear the gritty guitar throughout the new album. But it's The Black Keys with a twist. The music is slower at times, with more focus on the music in a way that I truly do find myself comparing to a jam-band. 

Some songs are longer than past albums. The first track on"Turn Blue" is nearly seven minutes long. I've read quite a bit of criticism about the album for being a turn away from what the Keys are known for. I actually really like the album for that reason: it's a bit of a divergence from their norm, but it's not so far out there as to be unrecognizeable. They still have their solid guitar, great lyrics, hard basslines, and energy in each song. This album mixes it up a bit. 

My personal favorite song is the title track from the album. That's probably cliche, but it's true. It's a solid, heartfelt song that's great to listen to almost anytime. The album as a whole is one to listen to whenever you feel like it, but it definitely has a camp-out feel to it. It's the music you listen to when you want to dance with friends around a campfire. Music you sing along to while roasting marshmallows. Music to enjoy while fixing dinner. It's an all-around good album, and I highly recommend it.