Surviving a Business Trip - When You're the One At Home

My husband occasionally has to travel for work, which means that I've become pretty well-seasoned in the art of "surviving" on my own while he is out of town. 

That being said, I thought I would compile a list of the best things to do while your partner is traveilng and you're home alone.

Gratuitous selfie because why not?


  • Sleep in the middle of the king-size bed because you can - there's plenty of room. Realize that the cats also have determined that the bed has much more room and that you have the same amount of bed, and somehow less blanket.
  • Send so many text messages to your partner and friends that your phone batter dies halfway through your day. Realize that this is the norm - business trip or not. Determine that you should probably text a little bit less. Or play fewer 2048 games. Decide that buying a phone charger cord may be the better idea.
  • To entertain the cats, spend a lot of time throwing a ping-pong ball up the stairs so it will bounce down. After ten minutes, you'll realize they're not actually playing with the ball, but watching you chase it with an air of ennui. Sigh and collect your dignity. 


  • The night before your spouse comes home, an hour before bedtime, decide to clean everything. Decide midway through that the house is tidy enough and that this is boring. Watch "Twilight" and scrapbook instead.
  • The day they return, be really excited your partner is going to be home soon because you missed them while they were gone.