And so, it's summer

We spent the first day of summer outside. A lot. We spent our morning in the yard, enjoying the reduced humidity, and all of the greenery that's really popped up over the past few weeks. It's really pretty!

We also had tickets to the afternoon's Reds game. One of our friends texted us to let us know he would be in for the game, so we went over with them. The game was pretty fun - the Reds won by a fairly wide margin. It's always fun to go to a winning game. The heat was a bit much (our seats were right in the sun), but after the sun moved behind the ballpark, it was pretty comfy. 

By the time we headed home, the air was a bit cooler, and since our neighborhood's block party was this weekend, we decided to go check it out. It's a small gathering, but it's really fun - there's live music, lots of folks from the neighborhood, and some INCREDIBLE food. We only stayed for a few minutes, as the party was well underway (and we were a bit worn out from being in the sun most of the afternoon). But it was fun to see a lot of our neighbors and the gorgeous set up for the party.

So far, this summer is off to a really great start. I can't believe how far into June we already are, and am seriously looking forward to the weeks ahead. Happy summer!