Weekending: On the Run

This weekend, my favorite ballpark was transformed, as Beyoncé and Jay-Z's On the Run tour stopped in.

I've been waiting for this concert for MONTHS. Ever since it was announced at the tail end of April and I sat down and took advantage of one of the many presale offers available. My sister texted me about the tour as Allen and I were deep in a conversation about something and the news resulted in quite a bit of emotion. Beyoncé and Jay-Z! Here! In Cincinnati! I coudln't figure out if I was going to shriek or jump up and down.

Of course, that was my general feeling this weekend, from when my sister arrived on Friday night right up through the concert Saturday. The ballpark was packed with folks on the field, in the stands, and the infield was covered with that awesome banner you see above. It's not often you see the infield covered with anything but the rain tarp, so that was quite the surprise.

Another surprise? Due to the rain, we had a rainbow in behind the stage well ahead of the opening of the concert. The excitement in the air within the ballpark was palpable. How often do we get superstars playing stadium concerts in our area? Let alone such influential stars as Beyoncé and Jay-Z? Really not THAT often. We get our huge acts, but nothing like this - not that often.

We went with a couple friends, and while we waited for the concert to started, there was a lot of selfie taking. My sister and I were thrilled and were trying NOT to count down the minutes to the start of the concert. It was sprinkling and we were just ready to get it going. We both love both artists, and seeing them together? The idea was mind-blowing.

Then, a little after 9pm? They took the stage to a roar. The crowd was deafening, and the jumping up and down was literally shaking the stadium. It. Was. Incredible. They performed for just over two hours, one song after another. There were costume changes, interludes, videos, pyro and lots of working the crowd.

My favorite performances were numerous, but I especially loved the renditions of "Crazy in Love," "No Church in the Wild," and of course, "Flawless." We were singing along and dancing at every opportunity. It was a very, VERY emotional evening. "Flawless," especially. I have caught myself more than once since the concert walking around singing to myself "I woke up this way.. I woke up this way.. Flawless." It was definitely an anthem of empowerment. Seeing Beyoncé and Jay-Z doing "Crazy in Love" together was just incredible, and "No Church in the Wild" live? Amazing.

Of course, like all good things, the concert had to come to an end. Their last song of the night was "Forever Young," which they sang as home videos of their life together with their daughter played on the big screen. It was an emotional moment. Everyone's cell phones were lighting up the ballpark (at the artists' requests), and it was adorable and precious to see all of the little moments captured on video of the couple and their sweet girl played in the background.

It was an incredible, powerful, moving evening. I loved getting to share the experience with my sister and friends. This show tied for best show of the year so far, with so much to experience, hear, and see. I have no regrets whatsoever about seeing Beyoncé and Jay-Z live, and would do it again in a heartbeat if I could.