Thursday Brew: Wiedemann's Royal

We're almost through another week - and this week has been extra fall-like, which is excellent if you're like me and not a fan of super steamy days. It also makes looking at a seasonal brew a little odd, but we're going to try anyway, because this is a beer that definitely needs to be checked out.

So Wiedemann's Royal is, according to their website, a "full-bodied Dortmunde-style lager." And it's delicious. This is a beer with full, golden color, good body, a delicious aroma, and wonderful drinkability. Allen and I first tried it when we were celebrating our first wedding anniversary and couldn't stop talking about it.

What I like about the Wiedemann's Royal is that it's a beer that fits summer so well. Which is fitting - it's only available April-August, and at this time is only being sold in parts of Ohio and Kentucky. Before you drink it, you get the aroma of this full-bodied brew. Its aroma includes caramel, some oak, brown sugar, and malt. It smells warm and welcoming, like a summer day, but without being overly dark in aroma.

Flavor-wise it is a mellow brew that is smooth from first sip to last. It is bright with just a hint of brightness at the start - like a small bite of hops. As you sip the beer, you notice that the flavor is light and not overpowering - this is a good brew to have at a cookout. The flavors we got upon tasting included pecan, vanilla, and yes, malt. It's a sippable beer that isn't overwhelming, too heavy, or too light, and is the perfect brew to share with friends on a hot summer evening.