Project Life: Figuring Out What Works

I realized recently that it's been a little while since I did a Project Life update - at least since I started my second album! I'm currently running about a month behind, but I'm OK with that - I was ordering my pictures through SnapFish which lets me do a month at a time. Like many of you, there are weeks when I just don't get a few minutes to sit down and really work on my life books, and going month-by-month has been a life saver in terms of scrapbooking.

This year, in addition to the pictures I take on a near-daily basis, I've also been collecting scraps of things to fill in the blanks. Like subway tickets, concert tickets, brochures, wristbands, coffee cup wraps, and more. I've been experimenting more with not including any journaling on cards as I put them into pockets, and just letting the photographs and scraps speak for themselves (which makes for some very striking minimal layouts).  

For some visual interest (and fun), I've continued to punch holes in brochures and cards, to put them directly into the binder instead of trying to make them fit into different pockets (though that is also fun to do as well).

I've also been trying to build my pages around a theme, if there wasn't a specific event to really document during a month. Above I wanted to document things about Chicago that really caught my eye, like the fountain, buildings, streets, and bright colors splashed among the gray buildings. The ventra tickets were a fun addition instead of journaling cards, and breaks it up just a bit, all while keeping the page on "topic" which at this point, was our vacation.

I'm also continuing to document the little things we're having fun with this summer. Things like sunrises, sunsets, storm clouds rolling across blue skies and strawberries being turned into cake. I absolutely loved baking the strawberry cake for the visuals of it coming together (and it was a delicious cake, too!). Because the page above was all about documenting summer, I included some of the nature pictures I've taken too. The sunrise, storm clouds, and shadows on the street were all really fun pictures for me to take, and came out really well!

Of course, I'm still working to add more textures, layers, and visual interest to my PL pages. Even with what I'm using so far. I want this album to really represent us as we are in our second year of marriage, and so far that's involved glitter paper, glue, concert tickets, brochures, and lots of pictures. As much as this album is for us, it's also for us to share with friends and family, and it's a lot of fun to put it together with the present and future in mind.