Weekending - Fireworks!

I'm not even sure where to go with this one today, because folks, life lately? Has been a touch busy. Not necessarily in a bad way, it just seems like things are all about the go-go-go. And now it's Labor Day? Um, where did summer go?

But, I guess that's what happens when you keep yourself busy (and are having fun) - time just sort of flies by. Lately it seems like that's exactly what's been happening - lots of fun, lots of busy, and wondering every weekend what happened to the week gone by, and every Sunday night wondering where the weekend went. It's a good sort of issue to have.

So, when I realized going into this weekend that it would be one of those weekends with nothing planned? I may have gotten a little over-excited. Saturday was completely empty, so I did what any person would do when handed a plan-free weekend: I (well, we) cleaned house.

Then? After a trip to Michael's and Target, I got to work catching up my Project Life album - I'm catching up August at this point in time, which includes pictures of kittens, baseball games, and babies.

I'm adding a lot of 3D elements to my album, which could get tricky - it's starting to look like my book is half full already, and I'm only three months into it! I'll be sharing a few layouts in the not-so-distant future, too, because I'm really enjoying how this year's album is coming together.

This weekend was also Cincinnati's Riverfest, which culminates in a massive and awesome fireworks show Sunday night (and it always happens labor day weekend). We volunteered in a booth along the river a few hours before the fireworks were set off, so we scored some prime standing room to watch the fireworks show, which really does herald in the coming autumn.

The fireworks wre pretty spectacular - the Riverfest fireworks are the biggest fireworks show in the area each year and they are really fun - they actually draw some pretty big crowds!

This weekend was the perfect mix of relaxing and fun - which was all much-needed! I'm looking forward to what is to come the rest of the week and the month ahead. September is going to be a fun one!