Tuesday Tunes: Two Best Indie Songs of Summer

Okay, so I know it's only the second of September, but it seems like most anyone who has anything to do with music is talking about the songs of summer.

Where I primarily listen to indie music, I can't say too much about pop, even though there are days I totally rock out to Kesha in my car, and can sing along with Katy Perry. Pharrell's "Happy" will always make me think of this summer - it's just so darn catchy.

I also have trouble choosing just one song. I mean, twenty percent of my posts this year have been about music. More if you count everything I looked at leading up to Bunbury this past July. I am always looking for some new music to listen to, whether it's through the radio, friends, the internet, or iTunes suggested music (I've found some good stuff there).

And I know I could choose any song as my summer song because I've loved so many of them this year, but really, I couldn't really narrow it down too much, because there are two songs I've had basically on repeat for the past several weeks (though one of them took some warming up to).

So, first, and maybe not too surprising, is Tove Lo's "Habits (Stay High)." Yes, it had to grow on me, but it's pretty darn catchy, and I swear it's a song that I will probably always associate with this summer. And many conversations about the song itself. It has an upbeat sound, even though the song itself is pretty moody lyric-wise, and sometimes you just want to sing this one at the top of your lungs in the front seat of the car. 

The other song I'll associate with this summer is Vance Joy's "Riptide." It's another catchy song that I like to crank up in the car. I like the beachy feel of it, as well as the laid-back, light-hearted sound. I've caught myself humming this one as I've gone through the day and totally downloaded it not too long after I first heard it. 

There has been a wealth of good music put out this summer in all genres, but I think these are two of the best indie songs of the season and am eager to see what music fall is going to bring.