Oh, Pinterest: Tie Dye Cake

Do you ever catch yourself wanting cake "just because?" Not for a holiday or occasion, other than "it's a good day for cake?"

Because really, sometimes I think it's just me. But is there ever a wrong time for cake? I don't think so. Okay, maybe when you're too sick to taste it. But the rest of the time? There isn't really a bad time or wrong time for a slice of cake. Maybe even with ice cream.

That's really how I ended up making a tie dye cake. Well, not the whole reason. You see, last time I made cake, I picked the cake and frosting, so as it stands, we wanted cake, and I had Allen pick. I expected him to pick Funfetti, but he didn't. Nor did he pick chocolate.

Nope. He picked white cake and blue frosting. Like, electric blue frosting. With sprinkles. So of course, I had to make that white cake into something worthy of bright blue frosting with sprinkles. Because why not?

Originally, the plan was to make an orange cake with the blue frosting. I have a thing for contrasting colors and how they set each other off so well when done correctly. But I also wanted to do something bigger, possibly better. Or at least involving more food coloring. So I set off to Pinterest and down the multi-colored cake rabbit hole.

When I saw a few swirled, multi-color cakes I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my white cake: make it into a layered, tie dyed creation. I already had gel food color, and my kitchen has plenty of countertop space, so I figured I was good to go. I pinned a few inspiration pictures and Thursday night, armed with white cake mix, blue frosting, and four tubes of gel color, I felt ready to go.

 Originally, I wanted to do a lot of colors, but with the amount of batter that one box of cake mix actually makes? I ended up with four: dark purple, yellow, green, and teal. I divided the batter as evenly as I could between four bowls and added food coloring and mixed until I achieved a color I liked, though my purple was very purple. And I had a lot more purple than other cakes.

Getting the tie-dye effect was a bit challenging, and working with just four colors, I decided to just sort of blob the batter into the pan in four different quadrants, filling in gaps with extra purple in one pan, and yellow in the other. Then I used a butter knife and dragged it through the cake to swirl the colors into one another, which worked pretty well, but the swirls were subtle. Next time I'll probably divide the pans up more to give ample swirling opportunity with each color.

However, despite the hitch swirling my cake together, the finished product came out of the oven looking amazing and smelling heavenly. Allen looked at the top of a purple, yellow, green, and teal cake and said that it "looks like Mardi Gras." I told him I was thinking "Ninja Turtles," but liked his opinion better. The cakes were gorgeous, and I was almost sad to cover them in the frosting. Almost.

Cutting into the cake revealed what I hoped: the cake did swirl better than I thought, and the cake's interior? Totally tie-dyed.  

It was an impressive cake for not a lot of work, and it's super delicious - as cake should be. Next time - because there is totally going to be a next time, I think I'll plan for more colors for maximum visual impact. Or try tie dye cupcakes. This is a perfect way to celebrate any occasion, and other than using lots of bowls, didn't create too much mess. Just one delicious multi-colored cake with sprinkles on top.

The fact that I've been humming the soundtrack to "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat" all day? May be a bonus, or not. But this is one awesome, technicolor, multicolor tie dye cake and I can't wait to see what other color combinations I can come up with.