Reading List: Fall

This Fall, I am really trying to up my reading game. I find I get stuck in quite a few reading ruts throughout the summer, when all I want is to be outside, enjoying the warm weather.

With October comes that weather that just begs for cosy throw blankets, warm cups of tea (I'm currently loving the Tazo Chai Pumpkin Spice), and yes, good reads.

I don't know what books you gravitate toward when the weather turns cold, but I go for fantasy novels, feminist non-fiction, and mysteries. This autumn I also am finding myself more and more reading blogs and magazines on my nook, when I only have a few minutes to read. It makes me feel like I've accompilshed something reading-wise, you know? And there have been so many great articles to read this autumn that it's hard to stop reading something once I've found it.

But what is it, exactly, that I am reading? Well, it's a bit varied, but here's just a sampling of what I'm reading and what is on my "to read" list for October and November.

Books (Non-Fiction)

  • Not That Kind of Girl, by Lena Dunham. As soon as I had a publication date for this book I knew I had to buy it. So I pre-ordered it and got it just a few short days after release. It's a book I want to savor so I am only maybe one-third of the way through it, but I love it. I love Dunham's honesty in her writing, along with her maturity and while I've not tackled much of the book, I am so eager to read more.
  • Bad Feminist, by Roxane Gay. This is a book I discovered by chance. You know those "recommended for you" links on Amazon? This was one of them. Reading a few sample pages made me want to read more and more, so I all but ran to my Nook to buy it, and cannot wait to read more.
  • America's Women: Four Hundred Years of Dolls, Drudges, helpmates, and Heroines, by Gail Collins. It's a long title, I know, but it's a fascinating look at the history of women in the United States. It's a unique look at the history I thought I knew, going all the way back to the first pilgrims.

Books (Fiction)

  • The Ocean at the End of the Lane, by Neil Gaiman. This is a "to be read," and I'm excited to dive in. I am a huge Neil Gaiman fan and was thrilled to find this book as part of a sale. Gaiman's writing always paints a strong picture, and his novels are adventures unto themselves. I am sure this book will be no different.
  • The Onion Girl, by Charles deLint. deLint has been one of my favorite authors since high school, and this is a book that I have read and re-read throughout the years. I love the urban fantasy elements of his novels, and the many layers of deLint's characters draws you in and keeps you reading.


Okay, while this section may be a bit of a stretch, there are a few blogs I feel worthwhile to share with you - craft, lifestyle, and otherwise.

  • Caylee Grey. Caylee's blog is full of color and joy. I stumbled on her corner of the internet while looking for ideas for my Project Life and upcoming December Daily albums. In addition to some invitingly gorgeous PL spreads, she offers looks at mini books and other crafts. If you're looking to follow even more bloggers, she also does a visual series with other crafty bloggers from around the internet, and I've found quite a few fun new reads just through her blog alone.
  • Enjoy It - Elise Blaha's blog Okay, so this is another blog I found while hunting for Project Life ideas, but I fell for Elise's photography and how she captures the beauty in the every day. Her posts about her life, her family, her craft and business tell a wonderful story, and her sense of humor is on point.
  • Dearest Darling. This may be cheating, but Dearest Darling is a life and style blog written by an old friend of mine, along with one of her dear friends. These lovely women have put together a wonderful blog about life, style, and fashion that is fun to read and full of great pictures, great advice, and some incredible looks at current events.

As you can probably tell, my interests are varied and that comes out in my reading materials - blogs, books, even magazines. Fall is the time of year I find myself caught up in a book more than not, and I'm excited for everything I get to read this fall and beyond.