So this is 29

So I turned 29 on Friday. And going into Friday? I didn't really care so much about my birthday. I had to work. It was cold. It was - at least Thursday night - another day. 

But then the 20th got here and well, it was kind of awesome. Really awesome. My birthday went from being what I thought of as "just another day" to being a day full of little celebrations all day - from start to finish. 

I woke up to over a dozen birthday wishes on Facebook, each of which made me smile. I know Facebook reminds you when someone's birthday is, but I still love getting the birthday wishes from my friends and family all over. And those birthday wishes kind of poured in all day, so every time I went to break I had more "Happy Birthday!" messages waiting for me to see. 

The real surprise, though, came in the form of presents. Presents I wasn't expecting. Earlier in the week I got a card from my grandparents and was able to treat myself with a trip to Sephora for some body butter that smells like cookies. Friday the presents continued to pour in, with two gifts that made me grin and squeal. One from one of my dearest friends, and one from my husband.

My friend Erica got me the embroidered canvas pictured above. With a bright green heart over my hometown and my alma mater. It was such a surprise and the perfect item to start the gallery wall in my home office space. And Allen? Well, he surprised me with a Project Life Core Kit that I've been eyeing for ages but hadn't worked up to actually buying. The best part? He had no idea it was one I was eyeing, but chose it because it looked like something I would like. 

Add all that together with fun television, a great morning and afternoon, delicious dinner, and getting out to see my family in the coming week? It was a perfect way to start 29. We have so much going on just this calendar year, but I see this year in my life being a great one, full of so much fun, joy, and surprise, and Friday? Was the perfect kick-off.

So this? Is 29. And I love it.