Throwing a Party: Decor

I have owed you this post for a while. And I know it's been nearly three months since I last blogged. I have good reason for that - which I'll be sharing next week. Cross my heart. Right now I'm in my backyard by a citronella candle trying not to be eaten alive by mosquitos. 

But- when I last left off my throwing a party series, I was on the "decorating for the party" portion of the program.

Now, if I'm being totally honest, I don't do a lot of decorating for the holidays, or really any other big event. I say I will, but then I don't, and I get caught in a cycle of wanting to.

But decorating for parties is fun - and there are so many ideas on Pinterest! So, when I want to decorate for a party, I start with Pinterest, first. Mostly just to get an idea of the mood I'm trying to get when I have friends over for a get-together.

For a baby shower, I might decorate with a diaper cake and a clothesline of white onesies, ready to be painted for the little one on the way. Add some assorted colored tissue paper flowers - or just some crepe paper, and you have a light-hearted, welcoming shower atmosphere!

For autumn, I like what a friend of mine does - she places popcorn kernels into her candle hurricanes, which feels like it brings the cornfield indoors. It adds to the autumn mood every time you step into her home, which is a definite bonus.

In other situations, you may even want to let the food be part of (or all of) the decor. Opening Day for baseball? Hot dogs, Cracker Jack, and some baseball paraphernalia you already have may be all you need. Football? A big table of snacks and some jerseys or pictures from your collection!

And, for the backyard bash? I am a fan of garden lighting, lots of space to stand and chat, and a cooler full of drinks.

Mostly, what I'm looking for when I decorate my home for a party, is to use what I already have. For baby showers I'll be buying things to decorate, but for an autumn get-together or backyard bash? I'll be looking at what I have in my basement to dig up right now to get the house looking and feeling festive.