First Trimester Favorites

Now that I'm (nearly) 20 weeks pregnant, I thought it would be perfect to share what got me through my first trimester. Cravings, aversions, nausea, and all. It's a short list, and it's short on photos, but it's as comprehensive as a first-timer at all of this can get. At least, for me. 

From when I was 15 weeks along. I thought that was a bump!

These are things I found helpful as I adjusted to being a pregnant woman, all while keeping my pregnancy secret from pretty much everyone else in my life. When you're trying not to throw up every hour, that's quite the feat! But I managed as best as I could. 


  • Tom's of Maine Natural Kids Toothpaste in Strawberry. The one thing guaranteed to nauseate me up until about two weeks ago? Mint. I used this toothpaste when the idea of brushing my teeth made me want to cry. It's natural strawberry flavor, and fluoridated, so I found it to be pretty perfect for keeping up with my toothbrushing routine throughout my first trimester.
  • Target Up and Up Brand Prenatal gummy vitamins. Y'all. I was taking an all-natural non-chewable prenatal vitamin every day. And then I got pregnant and the act of taking that giant vitamin made me want to throw up. So. I bought the Target brand prenatal gummies. And their prenatal calcium plus fiber gummy, too. These don't make me want to hurl, and actually taste pretty good. 
  • Simple Skincare's Micellar Cleansing Water. I wear makeup to work every day. And part of the first trimester involved being straight-up exhausted most nights. While I have a Clarisonic brush, some nights I fell asleep on the sofa, and all I wanted to do was to brush my teeth and crawl into bed. Enter this lovely stuff. With my eye makeup remover, it simplified my facial cleansing routine on nights I just didn't want to wash my face, and kept me from breaking out. Well, too much.
  • The Bellaband. This was something I really didn't need until I was 12 weeks along, but it's a lifesaver. It's basically a spandex tube that helps hold up  your unbuttoned pants. Which is perfect for when you're not quite bumpin' enough for maternity pants. I bought mine from the Ingrid and Isabel website, but I've seen them at The Gap and you can buy the BellaBand Basic at Target. For me, this is worth every penny. For some friends, they felt it was more worth it to buy maternity pants. 

Those are my first trimester favs, and now that I'm well into tri two, I'm sure my second trimester favs will be popping up here soon enough! 

*All of these were purchased with my own money.