Run, Walk, Ellipticize: Exercising Lately

If there is one thing that hasn't changed for me over the past 16 weeks or so, it's the amount of time I spend moving. I've been working to keep up with my exercise routine, with some modifications to stay safe, hydrated, and most of all, healthy. 

The reason I bring this up is the question I get asked most after "do you know what you're having?" is "are you still working out?"

Well, yes. But during the worst of the nausea, I did a lot more walking and ellipticizing at the gym than I did run. BUT. I am still running. And all of the activity I am doing I've cleared with my doctor. So no extreme sports, but she is totally fine with me continuing to run, do yoga, and other things. Everyone is different though, so this is just for me.

Why I bring this up now? Well, one ever-growing belly CAN make it a bit rough to keep going, but I've made modifications. I have a slower running pace. I carry more water, and my goals are much more short-term than they are long term. My goal really is just to stay active in some capacity up until delivery. 


The reality is, we are a pretty active household, and even if I wasn't running or going to the gym, I would be out walking a lot. Because that's really what we do. We went to Detroit for Labor Day weekend (more on that soon), and ended up walking over five miles in an afternoon. I worked hard to stay hydrated and well-fed (growing a baby makes you pretty hungry), and put my feet up and rested a lot at the end of the day.

Now, I'm working on getting ready for the annual 7k race, taking place this week on Saturday. I'm taking it slow and steady, and planning for walking breaks as a run. This year this race is all about fun and enjoying the four miles through downtown Cincinnati.

I know not everyone can exercise while pregnant, so I am counting my blessings that so far I am good to go.