Prepping for Race Day

I don't often write about what I do before a race. I figure most things are pretty common knowledge: train for the race you're going to be running; don't change anything race day, including what you eat before you run; make sure you know where everything is the night before so you don't forget anything.

And well, that's pretty much what I stick to personally. I don't change up my fuel before I run, and I try not to try anything new day of the race. I want to be comfortable while running and successful.

But still, I thought I would share just what, exactly, I do to get ready for a race - night before and day of. 

Most of it's pretty basic stuff. I figure out the weather and what I'll be wearing and I lay it out. I don't pre-pin my race bib to my top because I find that it never lays comfortably for me when I do that. So I just put it all together, pins attached to the bib so I don't lose them. For Saturday's race it was in the mid-sixties when I woke up, I wore running shorts and a tech tee, hat, comfy socks and my Asics. 

I also make sure my extra gear is all put together. Extra stuff for me right now is my RoadID (I don't run without it), my Garmin, SpiBelt (if my shorts don't have zipper pockets. My Lulu ones do, so I won't worry about this tomorrow), a hand-held water bottle, Gu packet, and my inhaler. Out of all of these, I let my Garmin charge overnight so it's good to go first thing in the morning. I tend to keep this stuff with my shoes so I don't forget any of it. 

The last thing I do the night before is make sure I'm fueled properly and well-hydrated. Because of some of the fun of being pregnant, I'm most concerned with food and water right now. I don't want to dehydrate, and I wanted to be well-fueled to get me and Little Man through all four miles of this race.

Morning of? Since everything is put together it's super easy to get dressed, make sure any shoe tags are attached, and put on my road ID, FitBit, Garmin, and any accessories. 

Then, I eat. Or I don't. My normal pre-race fuel is either some white bread with a little honey (peanut butter before any run makes me want to throw up mid-run. I just find it too heavy) or some Sport Beans. For Saturday's  race I went the toast with honey (no butter) route. I needed to get myself fueled, and toast is (and was) pretty effective.

I also try to warm up a bit before the start of the race. I don't jog, but I do some dynamic stretches after walking a bit to get loose. I just want to get limber and make sure I'm warmed up enough that race start wont' be rough.

this is all that works for me, but it doesn't work for everyone. All this helps me get into the race mindset and helps me kick ass come race day.