Baby Prep: Learning to Nurse

On Saturday, I took a two hour class at my hospital to learn more about nursing the baby once he is here. 

At 22 weeks pregnant, I took the class a lot farther in advance than most mothers typically do, but since the last few months of my pregnancy are going to overlap with the holidays, a wedding, and five different birthdays, I wanted to try to squeeze it in as early as possible.

I found the class to be really informative. It covered basically everything I could possibly want to know about nursing a baby. Information it included that I filed away for later included different ways to hold the baby while feeding him, how to get a good latch, and even how tiny his tummy will be when he is born!

The instructor also was careful to emphasize that newborn babies need to eat often because they are growing rapidly, and on the day they're born they have tummies that are barely any bigger than a large marble! I found this to be fascinating, and am definitely preparing for a baby who may want to eat as many as 12 times in a day (but only in the beginning)!

Because I took the class so far in advance of the birth of the little one, it was recommended by the head of Women's Education at the hospital that I get in with lactation consultants early once he is here, and that I try to read as much as I possibly can about nursing. My goal is to set us up for success with this endeavor, but I also know that baby needs to eat!

However, with this class under my belt, I am fully prepared to handle all that feeding this baby will bring me - and to know when to ask for help!