Sometimes, I miss walking to the coffee shop

Today feels like spring. Well, this morning does. The light is warm and low, the air is crisp but warming up, and it feels like a good morning where, if we still lived in Kentucky, I'd be walking to get a cup of coffee.

Last night, as I was falling asleep to the soft glow of the baby monitor, I was thinking about how life used to be and feeling nostalgic.

But I don't want to seem like I am not happy where I am now, because lord am I ever happy. I'm sipping coffee in the warm early spring light with a baby monitor beside me, in a house that isn't bursting at the seams. I'm waiting for my little man to get up so we can get ready for out day, all while bacon cooks away in the oven to go with our breakfast (mini pancakes for him, hard-cooked eggs for me). Also? Our neighborhood has a pool, and that pool (outdoor), opened April 28th, and was cool but still warm enough to swim in on April 29th.

I have new friends here. Ones who Oscar asks for by name for playdates (okay, he asks for their littles), and I am finally, I think, starting to figure my way out around this huge new city of mine. Finding all the coffee shops and enjoying all the places I can get brunch (I am a sucker for a good brunch). 

Loving it here doesn't mean that I don't miss life back east. We watch the Reds games on TV; I miss the crisp spring night games we attended our 9 years in Cincinnati. On days like today, I miss walking to the coffee shop for a croissant and a pour-over (which, admittedly was a Saturday morning adventure). I miss in-person debates with friends, and shopping trips with one of my best friends, and definitely Project Life afternoons with another.

But all that being said? I don't regret moving. It took a lot of getting used to in the beginning and I'll be the first to tell you that moving wasn't easy. It was hard. In some ways it was harder than giving birth. Or, a more apt comparison: than getting  a cat into the carrier to go to the v-e-t. But it was also easy in many ways. New adventures. New city. Lots to do. 

So today, I'm feeling nostalgic for what life was, but excited for what I have now, and for what today's adventures with Oscar will bring.