The question seemed simple: what delights you?

It came up in a voxer conversation I was having with my writing group, and it made me pause and think, because I find joy in so many things, but delight? 

I wish I could say it varies and I wish I could say I find delight in everything. However, that wouldn't be true - and also wouldn't be fair. 

So what do I find delightful?

Well, the quiet reverence of an art museum. There is something magical about how people stop and simmer down when in a museum housing precious artifacts. Works of art house parts of our souls, and I think when we step into a museum we recognize this - the pieces of the souls of those still with us and those long gone. It's magical.

I also find delight in libraries and bookstores - so many choices and so little time. There is also a different kind of quiet reverence in a library or even a bookstore - the kind of quiet that lets you read or be with your thoughts. Quiet that awakens characters and brings the past to life. Quiet that brings inspiration for new heroines, princes, princesses, and tales of wonder. 

And nothing compares for me to the delight I find in a well-brewed fresh cup of coffee on a crisp autumn day. Bonus points if I'm in a soft hoodie and leggings on a patio in the morning light while enjoying it. 

It would seem I find delight in quiet, and yet.

Delight is something that springs to life within me whenever my son giggles or squeals or stops in wonder. I love watching his joy and amazement when his dad gets home at the end of the day. 

"It DADA!" he squeals as he runs to greet Allen at the door.

His joy overflows when we do some of his favorite things, too, like when we swim, or paint, or go to the zoo. 

I especially take delight when he takes a bubble bath and hands me bubbles, eyes big.

I see his delight in things small and big, new and old. My son does find delight in almost everything, though quiet reverence isn't quite his thing.

When I am asking what delights myself, I remind myself that delight CAN be found everywhere - if we only know what to look for.