Life as of Late

It's October in North Texas and it's still pretty darn warm. Most days are still in the 80s and 90s, but fall is coming, as I find more crisp days happening each week. Soon it will be boots and jeans weather full-time, and I am working hard to squeeze every last drop out of summer that I can.

Oscar has started to put more and more together and surprised me just a few short weeks ago by counting, unprompted, to twenty. He does this often now, whispering numbers to me as we play with his Noah's Ark playset, and counts toys one after the other as he cleans up - one of his current favorites.

He's learned to whisper, too, which means my early mornings are filled with quiet cuddles and whispered questions: "mama, pictures?" he likes to ask before the sun has fully risen. He loves looking at the photos of him, his dad, and me that fill my phone's memory. 

Some of those pictures are taken by him, which means every once in a while, after he goes to bed, I'll find photos of our couch, his feet, or the cat saved within my albums. These make me smile and give me a small window into how he sees the world.

We are slowly getting ready for Halloween. Oscar is going to be Mickey Mouse - a new favorite for him. I am planning to go as Minnie to his Mickey, turning a simple dress into a costume for trick-or-treat. I'm eager to carve pumpkins with him, making a mess on the patio as we scoop out pumpkin guts and cut silly faces into the bright orange squash. I can't wait to create new traditions.

I'm working to find time for new habits and hobbies, and decide what old ones I want to keep, and what can go by the wayside. I'm trying to make more time to write and read - to say yes to creativity when I have downtime, and no to just scrolling through my phone. It's life-giving, and I am loving the pieces that are slowly coming together.

I am still loving my new role as stay-at-home-mom. It takes a lot of creativity on my part to keep Oscar active and engaged throughout the day, and every day we both learn something new. Next week, we're going to try homemade play dough and start working on handmade gifts for our families at Christmas. He teaches me new things every day and every week I feel like we both settle in more and more into this new normal we're creating.